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Ryan C. Young
Ryan C. Young 

For many in the medical profession, setting up a private office is a major goal. If you wish to set up a medical office, but lack the knowledge of business law necessary to do so, I can be of assistance to you. I am an attorney with experience in assisting medical offices with the legalities of business start-up and management. I have provided counsel to individuals running an assortment of different types of medical offices, including: dentists, chiropractors, surgeons, psychiatrists and alternative medical practitioners. I offer a wide array of services, ensuring that I can meet all of your needs as you take your first steps into the world of medical business ownership.

In the past, clients have turned to me as early as the creation of their offices, conferring with me as they explore commercial lease options. I have assisted these clients in dissecting their lease options and negotiating for better terms, ensuring that they receive the best deal possible. I have also looked over their leases, ensuring that they fully understand the stipulations of each lease agreement before committing to the rental of the space.

Clients also turn to me when they seek to hire new employees. I have assisted many clients in creating or modifying employment contracts to suit their needs, ensuring that the resulting contracts are legally binding and contain all of the necessary details to protect the employer’s interests. When these clients have had the unfortunate occasion to engage in contract disputes, I have provided counsel, serving as their legal representation should a current or former employee allege that their employer has violated the agreed-upon contract.

When clients have attempted to engage in office or profit sharing, I have helped them create necessary arrangements, preparing sharing plans that work for both the business owner and their employees as well as writing up the legal paperwork necessary to ensure that the sharing is properly documented should there be an questions about the sharing arrangement or confusion about the specifics of the profit sharing structure.

I have also assisted in ensuring prompt payment by performing audits of financial systems medical professionals have in place within their offices. Though the completion of an audit of this type, I can help you identify areas of billing weakness and improve your chances of collecting funds for your services promptly, saving office staff some struggle.

When clients have had difficulty collecting funds from individuals for whom they have already performed services, I have also assisted them, guiding them through the process of debt collection and helping them ensure that their practices are within their rights and in compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding debt collection.

Whether you require assistance with one or all of the potentially complex situations with which I have experience, I can meet your needs and help you stay within the letter of the law as you move into the world of medical business ownership or build your existing practice.

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