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Virginia Estate Administration and Probate 

The death of a loved one is already a difficult and emotional experience for family members and beneficiaries. The added stress of sorting through a person’s estate and estate documents can oftentimes be too much for a family in mourning. If you find yourself in this challenging and life-changing situation, Virginia probate attorney Ryan C. Young and his support staff are ready and waiting to help you. Mr. Young is knowledgeable in many different aspects of estate law, including wills, trusts, estate planning, probate and both estate and trust litigation. No matter what your needs are as a client, Mr. Young and his office are ready and willing to work in your best interest.

If you need a lawyer in the Richmond, Virginia area to assist you in a will contest or estate administration, the Law Office of Ryan C. Young can most certainly provide you with the service or services you are in need of. Not only do our clients receive expert legal advice and counsel, but our clients also receive empathetic, caring treatment that they need so much during such a stressful time for their grieving family. As a client at the Law Office of Ryan C. Young, you will receive individual care and treatment, and a legal plan will be drafted to cater toward your specific needs. Services provided through attorney Ryan C. Young and his support staff include advance medical directives, estate planning counseling, inter vivos trusts, powers of attorney, supplemental needs trusts, trusts and wills.

As a probate attorney, the Law Office of Ryan C. Young is also committed to helping clients in need of estate litigation services. In what is already a stressful time for your family, allow our office to relieve some of your burden. Some of our estate litigation services include advance medical directive disputes, fiduciary litigation, partition of real property, power of attorney disputes, real estate litigation, trust litigation and will contest litigation.

If you have questions regarding your rights as a family member or beneficiary, or simply would appreciate some legal counsel regarding a loved one’s estate, look no further than attorney Ryan C. Young. Between his legal counsel and his caring support staff, you as the client will be taken care of during this difficult and emotional experience. Our focus is providing the client with the best legal services possible while giving them the care and individual attention they deserve during estate administration. Ryan C. Young is your best choice as an estate administration lawyer in the Richmond, Virginia metro area (Goochland, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield).

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