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Small businesses often enter into contracts, whether for rentals (leases), mortgages, equipment rental or service contracts, such as uniform services and floor mat services, and partnership agreements. Before you, as the owner or supervisor at a small business, enter into the contract, you should contact an attorney review the contract.

Because a small business often has several contracts it needs to have reviewed, and some of these contracts have deadlines, it is often easier to keep an attorney on retainer. You can email or fax the contract to my firm, have it reviewed, then, either via a phone conference or at an in-person conference. I will advise you whether the contract is fine as written or if you should make changes before signing the contract.

Often, the contracts you sign have significant “small print” that the servicer hopes you do not notice. Contracts are usually drafted in favor of the person or entity that wishes you to sign or, in the case of real estate, in favor of the seller. I review contracts with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that all of your rights are represented in the contract.

In the event of a dispute over a contract, whether it is prior to signing the contract or after the contract has been signed, our office can handle those issues. If you have a dispute prior to signing, we will negotiate a reasonable change to the contract. If you have a dispute after the contract has been signed, such as breach or specific performance –  when one party does not abide by part or all of the contract as signed – I will represent you whether you are being sued or you need to sue the other party or entity who signed the contract.

If you sign a rental agreement or a purchase agreement for property and the other party backs out of the deal after you already noticed your customers of the move, it could cost you time and money. Often small businesses print business cards and other advertising media in anticipation of the move. You may be able to sue the other party for specific performance on the contract, depending on the circumstances. You may also run into other types of breaches. You could also inadvertently breach the contract yourself if you do not understand or if you misread what you are signing. I will ensure that you understand what you are signing before signing it and will point out anything that should be changed to protect your interests and investment. I will also personally suggest changes or alterations to the contract you are presented with and my office will assist in drafting those changes.

Contact our firm to set up an initial consultation for all of your small business legal needs, including contract review services. We offer a reduced rate initial consultation for first-time customers.

Contract Review in Richmond, Virginia
Contract Review Attorney in Richmond, Virginia

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