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Partition of Real Estate in Virginia
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When dealing with real estate, there are many issues to consider. One of those is the securing of a Virginia attorney to sue for a partition of real estate. There are several reasons why people have to sue in this manner. These involve several different circumstances, including divorce, an investment property, and inheritance issues. Additionally, sometimes there are two or more parties who own a property and they cannot agree on what to do with that property. Suing for partition is one of the ways they can divide up the property and move on with their lives. 

Alternatives to a Partition Suit

There are alternatives to suing for partition, however, and a Virginia attorney can advise you on your other choices. The most common option is getting the parties to agree to a sale. They have to do that in writing, though, or it will not be considered valid. While it may be a bit complicated to get everything down in writing and make it acceptable to all parties, it is still easier than actually suing. It is also less time consuming and far less costly, both of which are important to the majority of people who own real estate inVirginia. 
If a lawsuit is begun, it is important for the parties to know that they can still settle without the suit getting before a judge. Many partition actions are settled prior to trial, because all of the parties involved begin to realize how much money and time the suit is going to cost them. It becomes easier, at that point, to settle out of court and agree on something. However, sometimes parties do not act rationally when it comes to real estate disputes and a settlement is impossible. No matter what the parties decide to do, however, there are always options they can consider. 

It is not necessary to take the problem all the way to court unless there is absolutely no other way to address it, and an attorney can often help people see that there are other choices they can make that will allow them to all get what they want from a property and be satisfied with the outcome, whether or not they partition the property in a specific way. There may also be claims for monetary damages related to expenses stemming from the property. 

If you have questions/concerns about your legal rights related to a property you co-own, give me a call to discuss what is important to you.  Remember, each case presents unique facts and circumstances.  

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